Although we mostly wholesale our patches for our customers to get the best deals, we also allow smaller ordered for personal use as well. We have a tiered pricing scale which is as follows: 

1-19 patches: 
  • $4.00 each for square patches
  • $4.75 each for circle patches
20+ patches: 
  • With code NONFRAY20 you will receive a 40% discount on your entire order of 20+ nonfrayed patches
  • With code PARTIAL20 you will receive a 32% discount on your partially frayed patches. ***You will need to specify in the comments which patch designs or shapes you'd like frayed or unfrayed***
  • With code FRAY20 you will receive a 25% discount on your entire order of 20+ frayed patches.
We are now offering "Flannel Size" patches which are much larger than our traditional patch sizes and accommodate those businesses that would like to place them on the backs of flannels or other larger applications. As of right now, these orders MUST be made through our email: as there is not presently an option to do it from our website. Pricing for flannel size patches are as follows:
  • Full Color: $12 each
  • Partial Color: $10 each
  • Black and White: $8 each
***Flannel patches are not subject to our original patch discounts***



Custom designs have a one-time $5 custom fee and will be available to order as many times as you'd like after that!